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Surgi Edge (India) is the quality manufacturer and distributor of Ophthalmic Micro Surgical Blades in India. It is located in the prosperous state of Gujarat in the city of Ahmedabad, one of the medical center of India.

Company is serving Ophthalmologist and Surgeons who are helping to remove blindness from all over world. Company understands importance of continuous close interaction with Surgeons to fulfill their new requirements and demands.

Company partners and Key employees have over 20 years experience of marketing and manufacturing of Ophthalmic Micro Surgical Blades and cutting instruments. It has state of the art manufacturing facility with over 20 educated and experienced employee.

Surgi Edge (India) manufacturers various type of Ophthalmic Blades in quantity without compromising quality and delivery schedule. It has stringent quality controls at all level of processes. Also it has excellent set up for production process and corrective action activities.

We Surgi Edge (India) family, firmly believe that "Reliability comes through Quality" and our product suggest that.